Nov 8, 2013

The Walled City

It was October 31, we had an early cut-off in the office. So my boyfriend, Adrian, and I decided to meet that day. We didn’t have any plan. I thought we’re just going to meet and have coffee, you know, usual stuff. But he randomly wanted to go to Manila so he could shoot me. We picked Rizal Park at first but when we passed by Intramuros, we decided to just go around the Walled City.

I was wearing this oversized polo and royal blue pants in the office because I had a ‘Tamad-Thursday’ kind of vibe. Good thing I brought with me my go-to distressed shorts. Hah! Here’s a look!

Polo, Polo Sports | Shorts, Levis Strauss

I’ve been gaining weight since I started working (take note: I have only been working for 5 months). And I tell you, my waist is now 2-inches bigger since I graduated last May. Haha! But the good thing is, my boyfriend takes good pictures so I guess it’s just fair. 

That’s just about my post! I hope you get to wear your plain oversized polos again because for months, prints have been really going crazy around. Again, thank you to my boyfriend for being my personal photographer. And I want to say sorry that I couldn’t post my boyfriend’s pictures right away because I’m into Lomography and he has to be really patient. :P

Shirt, Daily Grind | Shorts, Uniqlo | Shoes, New Balance

Shot in Intramuros--  the oldest district and historic core of Manila, the capital of thePhilippines. Known as the Walled City, the original fortified city of Manila was the seat of the Spanish government during the Spanish colonial period. The walled part of Manila was called intramuros, which is Latin for "within the walls"; districts beyond the walls were referred as the extramuros of Manila, meaning "outside the walls"

Nov 2, 2013

Halloween Contests!

Yes, yes. It's Halloween again. And a lot of people are creating contests this Spooky Season. Now, if you're enthusiastic enough (or bored and got nothing to do), these are some contests that you might wanna join..

Lookbook's Halloween Costume Contest

LOOKBOOK x Black Milk #BMSPOOKBOOK Halloween Contest

Hey guys and ghouls! It’s finally October, which means it’s time for the LOOKBOOKSPOOKBOOK community to get hauntingly creative again—we want to see your imagination run wild this Halloween! 

We’re partnering with our friends at Black Milk for our official LOOKBOOK x Black Milk #BMSPOOKBOOK Halloween Costume Contest! There are 2 ways to enter: 

1) Simply show us your Halloween costume—no Black Milk items required! 

You’ll be entered for a chance to win our grand prize: a $500 Black Milk gift certificate! Plus, 2 second prize winners will receive $250 gift cards and 5 runner-ups will get $100 in credit. 

2) Have a Black Milk piece to include in your costume? Tag the item in your Halloween look, Instagram, and Facebook with the hashtag #BMSPOOKBOOK and you’ll be entered in our special Black Milk Style Challenge! 

The grand prize winner will win $500 in Black Milk store credit, with 2 second prize winners receiving $250 gift cards and 5 runner-ups receiving $100 gift cards. 

Winning looks will be judged by the LOOKBOOK staff and Black Milk based on creativity, originality, unique style and presentation. We’ll be accepting entries until Saturday, November 2nd at 11:59 pm PDT, so get to it! Show us your costumes, eat, drink and be scary! ;) 


Lomography's halloween Photo Contest
Share your scariest and spookiest Halloween-themed film photos on Lomography Embassy Manila’s page from October 31 to November 8. Win 20% discount voucher on any Lomography camera plus Photolab free processing gift certificate!
Upload as many as 3 entries.
Winner will be announced on November 11.

Sources: Team Manila , Lookbook

Sep 14, 2013

Cut It

Yey, I'm posting another entry again! Living in Manila has perks. Even though we cannot wear boots and coats because we do not have a winter season, we are blessed that we can always wear summer-esque looks. That's why I always have this habit of cropping my clothes; pants to shorts, shirts to cropped top, everything!

So here's what I did to my org shirt from Political Science Society that I got two years ago..

It's already  -ber month but I still can wear shorts and sleeveless, hah! You just gotta love Manila! 

Have a good day bloggers! xx 

Aug 25, 2013

My New Baby (Yashica FX-3 Super 2000)

Hi bloggers! I'm so happy to tell you that I got my Yashica FX-3 last week that I bought from a buy-and-sell site available for Filipinos. Just to give you a gist, Yashica FX-3 Super 2000 was released in 1970. Compare with other SLR cameras, it is not as pricey as you think. The good thing about this camera to is that it is very easy to use and very lightweight. Actually, it is my first time to use Single Reflex Lens camera because my camera shelf contains point-and-shoot toy cameras but I salute this camera for being user-friendly. Although it still needs some cleaning (external parts have rust) and lubrication (the self-timer seems to go back to its original position for hours), I'm definitely gonna use it!

35mm-70mm kit lens

Currently loaded with Kodak Color Plus 200

The self-timer is really rusty and needs lubrication

Will post the pictures after I process it. If you're using the same camera, I'd like to know! I need tips! Thank you guys! :) 

Jul 21, 2013

A Week With Adrian

Hi guys, it's been a while.And since I'm already working, I'm getting a little busy, too. But we always find time for the things that we like. So last week, I met with my lovely boyfriend Adrian LapeƱa for a date/ambush shoot. He's been my personal photographer and I'm glad that I can shoot with someone whom I really comfortable with. And it also makes me a proud girlfriend, of course! So here's few of hte photos from last week.

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Shots were taken at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines and Rizal Park, Manila

May 11, 2013

Graduation Day

Yes, that's right. My college life is over and I only have few days to prepare myself for the corporate world. And yes, I am not pursuing law.. this year. Maybe next year, next next year, or never year. Haha! Our graduation was held at the World Trade Center and for common graduation ceremony, you cannot take pictures inside. So I was only able to have few pictures plus I left my camera to my sister. Sucks. Hahaha! Here are some..

Queen, Marco, Marvin, Yan, Kent

With Master Kent

This is what I wore during my graduation. I don't have a picture wearing my shoes because I was literally a 6 footer and I look a little slouchy. Haha!

Genevive dress,  Vintage bag, Rubi  flats

Sole Desire available at People Are People

And of course,  this post would not be complete without my....

MALING, Dianne Karla A.
Bachelor in Political Science
Batch 2013

Feb 22, 2013


Hi guys! I am selling Kodak Professional Ultima 100 (expired). Let me show you sample photos.

Expired since 2011

Sample photos using Kodak Ultima Professional (expires) with Vivitar

Selling price: 4 films for Php250.00 only
Contact me at +639152363323 if you're interested
NOTE: I will not be selling a single film roll. Only by four. :)
Check out my Lomography account here. :)